Radiant Animals' goal is to help animals be optimally well and to live harmoniously with their human companions. My specialty is felines, though you will see from testimonials that I work with the spectrum of animals. When I’ve helped your animal, please remember to share your story.

Buster and I are doing great!  It's such a positive change.  He's coming when he is called.  Today he sniffed a paperbag that had takeout and dropped it when I told him to.  He thought about it for a second, then let go.  I'm so proud of him!  Thanks for all your help.  Buster's and my relationship has just blossomed to new heights.  Thank you!

JW - Portland

"I met Kate at a conference and knew immediately that she was a woman with a sharp, intelligent mind. What really struck me was her compassionate heart -- not only for animals, but also for people. Her journey to practice her art has brought Kate to a place where when she speaks to my dog, Niko, and tells me what he said, I know it is his personality she is bringing back to me in articulate, detailed information about his health and well-being. She has brought my dog healing, and in doing so has brought it to me as well!"

Donna — Oregon

“Kate looks after our feline fur-kids on a rotating monthly basis. Kate has supported and maintained our cats for over seven years in sickness and in health. We are fortunate to have her as a resource to turn to when conventional veterinary prognosis is bleak. She has provided palliative compassionate care for our senior and ailing cats and has clearly communicated our animal’s wishes when they are ready to transition. In certain cases she has been available to comfort them as they crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She has also relayed messages from our beloved animals to provide assurance they are happy and healthy on the other side. We are deeply grateful.”

CG - Portland

"Kate identified an unusual allergen in my household, easily fixed, and her work helped my dog, Murphy, become more tolerant of the other animals."

Kris — Washington

"I recommend Kate without reservation to any human who wants to understand and help their furry friend(s). I look at my pets in a completely new way since they linked up with Kate."

Bridget — Missouri

"Thank you for getting my cats back on track. When I contacted you, I was seriously considering sending one of my cats to a family member.  If things hadn't worked so well, I most likely would have; and then I'd be heartbroken. Now my cats get along better than they ever have in 11 years! I appreciate how you really stuck with them and helped me to better understand them. You not only understand the cat world, but all the tips you provided me made a big difference for all of us. I feel you really went above and beyond, and I thank you."

Dana, Oregon

"Kate helped me realize my cat was manipulating me for attention. Once she taught me how to think of him as a healthy animal most of his symptoms cleared up."

Lewis — Montana

"Badger, the hamster, bit everyone who tried to touch him. Kate discovered an allergy that made his skin overly sensitive. We changed his diet and he’s now a friendly pocket pet."

Sue — Missouri

"I'm convinced Kate helped make the last several weeks of my 32 year-old horse’s life the best they could have been and for that I am very grateful."

Cindy — South Dakota

"My dog, Kiera, has an increased level of energy. She is more upbeat, playful and stays active for longer periods."

Kris — Washington

"Casey, my terrier, had multiple issues that cost a lot of time and money. Kate settled his system and now we only go to the vet for grooming."

Bridget — Missouri

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