Moving with Pets - Book
Safely Relocating with your animals


Twelve percent of Americans move every year, and seventy percent of potential buyers and sellers have pets that they consider family members.

That means tens of millions of people are buying or selling homes each year, but outdated real estate tactics are effectively ignoring customers pets.

With spending on pets reaching $60 billion in 2016, that means plenty of money is being left on the table. In Real Estate Success Blueprint, you’ll learn:

  • how pets impact families;
  • how to make a property irresistible to pet parents;
  • how to prevent real estate deals from falling through; and
  • how to make a family move less traumatic.


No one wants to leave a pet abandoned, alone, or afraid, which is why it’s so important to remember that by honoring and considering a family’s pet, you are also honoring them.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, investor, pet parent getting ready to move, or trying to sell your home for top dollar, you’ll enjoy smoother and more profitable transactions with this real estate guide.



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