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Kate & Serena

 As a medical intuitive specializing in cats, I am trained to communicate with bodies in a unique way. My business, Radiant Animals, came into being as a result of several influences. Lily and Serena, two of my own precious cats, made me aware that even the best western medicine cannot always provide an animal or their people with the help needed for optimal happiness and well-being.

As I was learning the limitations of western medicine for my animals, I was also researching various medical and spiritual options for living successfully with my own chronic illness that resulted from contacting Mycobacterium Avium Complex or MAC for short.
My empathy for animals was evident from my earliest years when I started rescuing earthworms as a toddler. My natural affinity for furred, feathered, and invertebrate creatures continued to develop, and created an ever changing menagerie, throughout my childhood and into adulthood.
In October 1983, while attempting to rescue a mortally injured cat, she bit me. The health complications from that bite sent me on a 35-year journey learning how to thrive with chronic 500 thousand people, I developed the ability to protect my precious well-being, despite a demanding career and the challenges of daily living.
At the beginning of this difficult journey, I wondered, as many people would, why I had been chosen for this challenge. However, once a clear diagnosis was made and the greatest risks controlled, I moved on with my life. My career path at that time was as an accountant and an engineer, in the employ of Fortune 500-level corporations. My training and skill set were scientific, logical, and reason-based.
After many years, upon retirement from corporate life, I looked forward to spending time with my cats and garden, as well as operating a small consulting business. Yet, my kinship with animals was still a driving force. Following my sense of curiosity, I trained with master practitioners specializing in different protocols of energetic healing. My passion for all members of the animal kingdom, including people, dictated my area of focused study. It quickly became apparent that my science background was useful in this area. By working with a career coach and rapidly developing my spiritual connection, all the pieces came together in a new vocation. Melding my early scientific and theoretical training with alternative healing modalities, I am able to discern information about a body's health and well-being to help both people and their animals.
Ultimately, my illness became the catalyst pointing me toward my destiny…working with animals and their people. Neither the illness nor my lifelong connection to animals was ever an accident.

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