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TIPS: Tools - Information - Preparation - Strategies

Anyone who cares for animals quickly learns there is more to food, water, cleanliness and love involved in keeping our cherished animals a happy and healthy part of the family.

These "extras" tend to suddenly arise, and typically at the least convenient time in our lives.

I'm not big fan of drama. I prefer that my household is peaceful and calm so I like having plans and contingencies made in advance. This allows for the least amount of chaos in all situations.

I will occasionally add new TIPS to help you and your animals with specific issues.

Just a little planning ahead can make all the difference when time is of the essence.



Some of the TIPS that will soon be available include:

What Needs to be in Your Animal's First Aid Kit - Best Place and Ways to Store it

How to Prepare for Evacuating with Your Pet

How to Get Your Animals Ready for a Move

Settling Your Animals Happily in Their New Home

How to Get Your House Ready to Sell

The Easy Way to Plan for Your Animals Care When You Are No Longer Able


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