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You know what radiant health looks like for your companion animal: glossy coat, bright eyes, a healthy appetite, and a willingness to be with their people. Occasionally, you may notice a change in your animal’s behavior or appearance. You wonder, “Should I call the veterinarian, or can I wait and see?”

Now you have a new option. Ask your animal what it needs. My training in alternative medicine and life long animal communications allow me to connect intuitively with your animal at the autonomic level. I can help you understand what is going on inside your furred and feathered friends. This information is vital to assisting the return of harmony and radiant health to your companion animal. My work supplements, and does not replace, responsible veterinary care.

PLEASE NOTE:  My specialty is working with cats. My practice is global and I work with both exotic and domestic animals and their people who are are looking for additional support to restore their radiant well-being.


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